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5 Results
Little shop of horrors

In this musical, Mushnik's Flower Shop houses an exotic potted plant called Audrey II. People are rushing in to see Audrey II, but if they knew the truth, they would rush right out.

Interview with the vampire the vampire chronicles
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A saddened, two-hundred-year-old vampire tells his life story of heartbreak and despair to an incredulous twentieth-century newspaper writer.

Interview with the vampire the vampire chronicles

The story is told by Louis de Pointe du Lac in 1991 to an interviewer about the lives of himself, Lestat and Claudia through trouble, death, curse and love over the past 200 years. Going back to New Orleans, 1791, young,...

Inventing David Geffen

David Geffen is an agent, manager, record industry mogul, Hollywood and Broadway producer, and a philanthropist. Notoriously press and camera shy, Geffen reveals himself for the first time in this two-hour documentary.

All things must pass

Chronicles the rise and fall of Tower Records, from the opening of its flagship store in Sacramento, California in 1960, to its evolution into an international retail chain and bankruptcy in 2006. Owner Russ Solomon and ...