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26 Results
Web of Spider-Man. Volume 1
Graphic Novel
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"It's an all-new series starring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Swinging through town in his sleek black suit, Spidey faces new threats-- including Magma, the Vulturions, Chance, Future Max and the Smithville Thu...

Stan Lee's master class : lessons in drawing, world-building, storytelling, manga, and digital comics from the legendary co-creator of Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Incredible Hulk —Lee, Stan, 1922-2018, author.

Focusing on topics like anatomy, perspective, and character design, as well as brand new topics like manga art styles, digital art, and more, Stan Lee's Master Class is the next step for those looking to perfect their su...

Spider-Man. Spider-verse. Spider-Ham
Graphic Novel
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"The Spider-Verse is full of amazing arachnids - and none is more anthropomorphic than Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham! The porcine protector from a world of animal adventurers swings into action in these mighty...

Eternals. Cosmic origins
Graphic Novel
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"When gods walk the Earth! Get to know the enigmatic Eternals - beginning with their introductory adventure by none other than Jack Kirby! The "King" introduced a brand new mythology for the Marvel Universe, with the rev...

Venom : lethal protector —Michelinie, David, author.
Graphic Novel
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Venom - alien symbiote! Deadly foe of Spider-Man! Defender of the innocent?! Eddie Brock and his symbiotic "other" have decided to turn over a new leaf and become a hero! But when Venom heads west, there's no shortage of...

The amazing Spider-Man. The deadly foes of Spider-Man —Fingeroth, Danny.
Grpahic Novel
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Spider-Man's greatest villains take the spotlight, struggling to make their way against heroes and rival villains alike! Featuring the Beetle and Speed Demon, later of the Thunderbolts! Dr. Octopus! The Vulture! Stegron!...

101 outstanding graphic novels —Weiner, Stephen, 1955- author.

A primer on the best graphic novels is back in its third edition. Librarian Stephen Weiner -- with the crowdsourcing help of professionals in the field, from artists to critics to leading comic store owners -- has sifted...

Spider-Man 3. The New Goblin —Fingeroth, Danny.

Sure that his best friend Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, killed his father, Harry Osborn is driven by anger and pain to adopt his father's villanous legacy. He's the New Goblin and he's out for revenge!

Darkhawk classic. Volume 1 —Fingeroth, Danny.
Graphic Novel
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Begin the saga of the Darkhawk! Long before War of Kings, teenager Chris Powell began his journey as a dark force for justice. Thrill to the earliest adventures of one of Marvel's hottest heroes for the '90s as the newbo...

A marvelous life : the amazing story of Stan Lee —Fingeroth, Danny, author.

"The definitive biography of the beloved-- often controversial-- co-creator of many legendary superheroes, A Marvelous Life: The Amazing Story of Stan Lee presents the origin of "Stan the Man," who spun a storytelling we...

Backstage at an animated series —Fingeroth, Danny.

Explores how animation works, how animated films are produced and who is best known for making them, and how to pursue one's interest in the field, either as a career or as a hobby.

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