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23 Results
The Wiggles. We're all fruit salad! the Wiggles' greatest hits.

Get ready to Wiggle to 30 years of Wiggly music and fun! Fans of The OG Wiggles (The "Original Guys"), will love reliving the soothing voice of Greg, scintillating guitar breaks from Murray, Jeff's keyboard wizardry, and...

The Wiggles. Space dancing, an animated adventure

Blast off with the Wiggles to outer space. The popular Aussies are more animated than usual when they discover what they look like in Jeff's dreams. It's an out-of-this-world experience when a spaceship of aliens lands n...

The Wiggles. Hot poppin' popcorn

Legendary singer Jamie Redfern performs Hot Poppin' Popcorn, Captain Feathersword amazes as the somersault king, and Wags the daredevil dog does a balancing act while Henry and Dorothy host their own dances. Be dazzled b...

The Wiggles. Surfer Jeff

Join The Wiggles as they visit exotic locations and perform songs from around the world.

The Wiggles. You make me feel like dancing learn to move to the music!

Get your dancing shoes on because The Wiggles are ready to get you dancing. Includes 20 new songs.

The Wiggles. Getting strong —Wiggles (Musical group)

Songs for health and physical development, language and literacy.

The Wiggles. Big birthday!

Murray, Jeff, Anthony, and Sam invite some of their favorite people and animals to celebrate the Wiggles' birthday.

The Wiggles. Getting strong

All new songs that children can dance, sing, and learn to. Learn a new salsa dance, play a version of musical cushions, explore saying hello in different languages, compare letters and sounds of other languages and much ...

The Wiggles. Santa's rockin'!

It's show time with The Wiggles! The chart-topping Aussies star in Christmas songs.

Wiggly play time —Wiggles (Musical group)

Play time is a lot more fun when you wiggle. Watch as this band turns play time into a giggly, wiggly, musical celebration in this compilation of three episodes. Contains 13 songs.

The Wiggles. Big big show!

One of the wiggliest shows on Earth will dazzle you with Dorothy dancing en pointe, Anthony doing the splits, Murray's musical masterpiece, Sam's singing spectacular, and Jeff jumping around before your eyes. The Wiggles...

The Wiggles. Racing to the rainbow —Wiggles (Musical group)

Travel by land and by sea with the Wiggles on a race to the rainbow. With all the singing and fun, will they be able to find the end of the rainbow? Includes 23 new songs.

The Wiggles. Splish splash big red boat

Take a ride with The Wiggles on the Big Red Boat in this awesome ocean adventure.

The Wiggles. Wiggly safari

Special guest Steve Irwin has invited The Wiggles to his very own Australia Zoo for one wiggly safari. The crocs are smiling, the kangaroos are hoppin' and the kookaburras are laughin' along to the beat. Go on a musical ...

The Wiggles. Hoop-dee-doo! it's a wiggly party

The Wiggles will make sure everyone gets a chance to dance in this song-filled, dance-up-a-storm, wiggle 'til you giggle party. All of your wiggly friends will be at the party too.

The Wiggles. Whoo hoo! Wiggly gremlins!

Two mischievous Gremlins have singled out the Wiggles and the "Network Wiggles" television studio for some serious mischief. When the Big Red Car breaks down on the way to the studio, Jeff, Murray, Greg, and Anthony have...

The Wiggles. Wiggle Bay

There's an ocean of adventure as The Wiggles sail into Wiggle Bay for a picnic by the sea. They swim in the sea and dance on the sand. But there is a wiggly mystery to solve when a magical shell, a curious note and a bea...

The Wiggles. Live hot potatoes!

They're singing, they're dancing, and of course, they're wiggling - and this time they're live on stage! It's the first-ever live concert starring The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Captain Featherswor...

Racing to the rainbow

The Wiggles perform twenty-three children's songs. Includes photo gallery, bloopers, game, and other special features.

The Wiggles. Pop go the Wiggles!

For generations children have delighted in nursery rhymes, now for the first time The Wiggles perform some of their favorite nursery rhymes for a new generation.

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