4 Results
4 Results
Out of sight

When a convicted bank robber breaks out of jail, he is determined to make one last heist.

Law & order. The 15th year, 2004-2005 season

The Manhattan criminal justice team tries not to let departmental shake-ups impact their abilities to pursue the riveting cases that have shocked the city. Detective Joe Fontana and ADA Alexandra Borgia bring their exper...

Law & order. The 16th year, 2005-2006 season

ADA Alexandra Borgia and Detective Joe Fontana, take on cases involving a grim sterilization campaign, post-partum psychosis and a death so disturbing to Lieutenant Van Buren that she flirts with perjury in the name of j...

Crime story. The complete series

Follows Chicago Police Lieutenant Mike Torello as he pursues a notorious gangster and solves other crimes.