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4 Results
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The secret of NIMH 1 & 2
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Secret of NIMH (82 mins.): Faced with the need to move her family from a farmer's field while her Timothy is seriously ill, a widowed mouse seeks help from a group of rats whose unwilling participation in experiments at ...

The tiny kingdom
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When a curious little kid accidentally discovers a magnificent miniature city nestled behind the kitchen sink, his teenaged brother and sister go to investigate the ridiculous story. The suspicious siblings are soon tran...

Family fantasy adventure 8 movies
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After the wizard : A young orphan living in Kansas becomes obsessed with the characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and begins to believe that they're real.

Secret of Nimh double feature Secret of Nimh ; Secret of Nimh: Timmy to the rescue
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The secret of NIMH: Mrs. Brisby is a mild-mannered mother mouse with a plan to move her house and home to save her family from Farmer Fitzgibbons' plow. But when Mrs. Brisby discovers the secret of NIMH, it could change ...