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8 Results
Forbidden Hollywood. Volume 4

Jewel robbery: Baroness Teri von Horhenfels lives in Vienna, Austria with a husband who bores her. When a jewel thief victimizes her, she is intrigued by him.

The hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo, the hunchback bell-ringer of Notre Dame, rescues and defends the gypsy girl, Esmeralda.

The Maltese falcon Satan met a lady.

Sam Spade is a partner in a private-eye firm who finds himself hounded by police when his partner is killed while tailing a man. The woman who asked his partner to follow the man turns out to be someone who is not what s...

Faust Eine deutsche Volkssage

Classic tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil.

I'll be seeing you

A misunderstood convict and a troubled GI meet on furlough and try to crowd a lifetime of love and laughter into eight days of happiness in this tender wartime love story.

The life of Emile Zola

Episodes in the career of the famous French writer who took up the cause of the unjustly jailed Capt. Dreyfus.


Covering a quarter-century of American 'syncopated' music (Ragtime, Jazz, Swing, Blues, Boogie Woogie) from prior to WWI through prohibition, the stock-market crash, the depression and the outbreak of WWII. A romance bet...

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The love story between a young trumpeter and New Orleans born piano player merely serves as the backdrop for this feature that traces the evolution of jazz form the early sounds of Dixieland to ragtime in Chicago up thro...