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93 Results
FernGully the last rainforest

Batty Koda joins Crysta, Pips and the Beetle Boys to rescue their rainforest from the horrid Hexxus. Zak, a human, is persuaded to stop sawing down the forest after convincing arguments from Crysta.

The Rocky Horror picture show

Part campy musical, part horror film, the movie details the travails of a squeaky-clean couple stranded at a creepy castle where the inhabitants sing and dance through bacchanalian romp of murder, bisexuality, and cannib...

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A forest dweller is chosen to save a beautiful princess and defeat the Lord of Darkness in this visually stunning fantasy-adventure.

Clue the movie

The favorite mystery game comes to the screen in a hilarious whodunit set in a 1950s dinner party whose host--the enigmatic Mr. Boddy--is murdered. Was the killer Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn)...

The cat returns Neko no ongaeshi

In an imaginative and lighthearted tale, a young schoolgirl saves the life of a noble cat and is rewarded with a shocking proposal of marriage - to the Cat King's son - and a fateful journey to the extraordinary Kingdom ...

Muppet Treasure Island

When young Billy comes to possess a secret treasure map, he sets sail with mild-mannered Capt. Smollet and a host of assorted Muppets and humans in search of the wealth. Their adventure is filled with songs, wacky humor,...

Curious George. 2, Follow that monkey

Join Curious George and The Man with the Yellow Hat as they set out on a madcap cross-country adventure to reunite Kayla, a homesick elephant, with her family. This unlikely trio faces all types of comic calamities and c...

Home alone 2 Maman, j'ai encore raté l'avion
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Kevin McCallister accidentally boards the wrong plane, and ends up in New York City instead of Florida. There he meets up with the two crooks that terrorized his house the Christmas before.


A thriller about a malevolent force in a small New England town that takes the shape of a clown, terrifying youngsters with their innermost fears and bringing them to untimely doom.

Rugrats go wild Les Razmoket à l'état sauvage

The Pickles family and friends decide to take a vacation. Their ship isn't very seaworthy, and they end up stranded on an uncharted island. The kids figure the day is saved when they discover that famous explorer Sir Nig...

Ferngully the last rainforest
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There's magic in the rainforest and it's called FernGully! Deep in the heart of the forest awaits a paradise filled with tiny sprites, winged fairies, and tree spirits who all live in joyful harmony. But when their home ...

Agatha Christie's Poirot. Series 11

Putting his brilliant intellect and fastidious nature to the test, Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective solves the most mystifying crimes of the Art Deco era in these newly remastered adaptations.

The secret of Moonacre

After being orphaned, young Maria Merryweather leaves her luxurious home to live with her eccentric uncle at the mysterious Moonacre Manor. There she discovers a magical world torn apart by an ancient feud and inhabited ...


Valiant and his feathered friends take to the sky as they work their way into the Royal Air Force during World War II. Together this rag-tag squadron of carrier pigeons engages in aerial adventures at a spitfire pace. Fr...

The pebble and the penguin

Animated film about a shy young penguin and his lady love. During the penguin mating ceremony bachelor penguins present their sweethearts with a pebble. Hubie has found a perfect pebble, but his chosen lady has another a...


A forest dweller is chosen to save a beautiful princess and defeat the Lord of Darkness in this visually stunning fantasy-adventure.

National Lampoon's Loaded weapon 1 Larmes fatales de National Lampoon

In this spoof of the Lethal weapon movies, two dangerously over-the-edge detectives uncover a despicable plot to simultaneously rot America's brains and teeth with drug-laced Wilderness Girl cookies.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie

While deep in the heart of Africa, Eliza must foil the plans of greedy poachers, and it will take all her courage, strength, and exceptional gifts to do it. Can one small girl save these majestic animals from grave dange...

The three musketeers : all for one, and one for all

Three loyal swordsmen and an eager recruit battle enormous odds in their attempt to defeat an evil royal advisor and a seductive envoy plotting to overthrow the King of France.

Barbie in the Nutcracker

After learning how her toy nutcracker got his ugly face, Barbie helps break the spell and changes him into a handsome prince.

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