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9 Results
Peter Pan

Fantastic adventures await Wendy Darling and her brothers when Peter Pan whisks them away to the magical world of Never Land. After following Peter and his feisty sidekick Tinker Bell, they explore the island and Peter's...

Dr. Seuss' Horton hears a Who!
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Horton is a the lovable elephant who tries to protect tiny creatures on a speck of dust. It seems that he is the only one who can hear the tiny people of the tiny planet.

How the Grinch stole Christmas

HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS : The crotchety Grinch, with "termites in his smile" and "garlic in his soul," tries once again to wipe out Christmas for the cheerful Whovillians, only to discover the true spirit of the h...

The 5,000 fingers of Dr. T

Young Bart Collins dreams of his piano teacher, Dr. Terwilliker. Dr. T wants to prove that his method of teaching piano is the best method in the world. He banishes all other musical instruments and lures 500 boys to per...

4 kid favorites : Dr. Seuss

Dick and Sally's boring rainy day at home changes when the Cat in the Hat and his sidekicks, Thing One and Thing Two, burst in and make a huge mess of their house; the Lorax is a lovable creature who speaks for the trees...

Thousand and One Nights, A: The Story of Aladdin
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The tales include: A Thousand and One Nights (1945); 1001 Arabian Nights (1959); The Magic Carpet (1951); Arabian Nights (2000 TV Mini-Series); Aladdin (1990 TV Musical Adaptation); Aladdin (1960 Cartoon); Aladdin's Wond...

Oh, God! Book II

God announces his presence by tucking a note inside a fortune cookie. An 11 year old girl heeds His summons and writes Him an advertising slogan.

The original Christmas classics. Disc 1 7 holiday favorites

Presents seven animated Christmas tales, as they originally aired on network television.