6 Results
6 Results
Daddy day care

When two fathers find themselves out of work, they decide to start a day care center. When their business starts to take off, the head of a competing prestigious childrens academy tries, with hilarious results, to put th...


Comedy about Randy Bodek, a pizza delivery boy whose route takes him to the finest homes and some of the most beautiful women in Beverly Hills.

Sleepless in Seattle

A recent widower in Seattle and a reporter in Baltimore are fated for each other and it takes the man's son and a radio talk show to set events in motion for the couple to meet.

Bon voyage

Following the premiere of her latest picture, Viviane finds herself with a dead man in her apartment. Frédéric is a writer who's been falsely accused of murder, thanks to Viviane. Viviane has fled Paris for Bordeaux wi...

Whatever it takes

Ryan, a high school senior, has a crush on Ashley who is the most popular girl in school. Ryan's best friend thinks that he should forget it because he doesn't have a chance.

Dream with the fishes

Hoping to fulfill his unusual fantasies, fast-talking Nick makes a pact with his eccentric neighbor Terry: if Terry will bankroll the adventure, Nick will help Terry realize his own particularly bizarre fantasies.