9 Results
9 Results
Venom War of the Realms —Bunn, Cullen, author.
Graphic Novel
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"Venom enters the fray in the War of the Realms! The Marvel Comics event of the year makes landfall in the world of the wicked web-slinger, as Venom gets swept up in Malekith's campaign to take over the Ten Realms! But M...

The amazing Spider-Man. 8, Threats & menaces —Spencer, Nick, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 11 of 13

There are too many problems in New York City, and Spidey can't be in four places at once - unless he can?! Peter's life is as complicated as ever, but can science be the answer? J. Jonah Jameson kicks off his new life as...

Injustice. Volume 1, Gods among us —Buccellato, Brian, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 1 of 1

Batman and Superman have been dueling for five years, and are at a stalemate. Having already divided their friends and allies, the two must do the unthinkable -- recruit their enemies to attack their former friends. In a...