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Monsters, Inc.

Lovable Sulley and his wisecracking sidekick Mike Wazowski are the top scare team at Monsters, Incorporated, the scream-producing factory in Monstropolis. When a little girl named Boo wanders into their world, it's the m...

Monsters, Inc.
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Sulley and Mike work for Monsters, Inc., the utility company that generates energy from the goosebumps of children. Sulley accidentally lets a little girl into the monster world. Since monsters are terrified of children,...


The story of the people involved in the Battle of Midway, in June 1942. Includes actual film of the battles, as well as dramatic interpretations of the events.


A trio of crooks relentlessly pursues a young American through Paris for the fortune her dead husband stole from them.

Greatest classic films collection. Westerns

Chisum: A cattle baron tries to protect his empire from a land-grabbing developer.

Faerie tale theatre

This award-winning series brings to life 26 of the most magical classic fairy tales of all time, now digitally remastered.

Sister Act Sister Act 2 : back in the habit

A nightclub singer is forced to take refuge from the mob in a convent. While there she turns the convent choir into a "soulful chorus of swingin' sisters." The sudden celebrity of the choir jeopardizes her identity.

The Americanization of Emily

Lt. Commander Charles E. Madison (Garner) loves his job: as 'dog robber' his duties consist of rounding up scarce delicacies and services, while safely avoiding combat. Admiral William Jessup (Douglas), however, is inte...

Snow dogs

Ted Brooks is a Florida-dwelling dentist who finds out that he was actually adopted, and that his birth mother has died and left him an inheritance in her home state of Alaska. After arriving in the snow-bound clime, Ted...

Massacre at Fort Holman

Massacre at Fort Holman (1972): During the Civil War a Union colonel seeks revenge against the man who killed his wife during a Confederate raid against Fort Holman. Hot Lead: (1971) A new rancher attempts to support his...

The Muppet movie
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Celebrate The Nearly 35th Anniversary of the ultimate frogs-to-riches story with the one that started it all. Laugh along with the mostly-true story of how the Muppets got their start. From the very first sound of Kermit...

Major Dundee

"Sam Peckinpah's first big budget film was also the first to be taken away and released in a shortened version. But now, 40 years later, most of the missing footage has been located and restored, with the entire soundtr...

Cross of iron

"Cross of Iron" follows a platoon of retreating German soldiers on the post-Stalingrad Eastern Front in 1943, as they are overrun in a Soviet armored assault and trapped behind enemy lines. Sgt. Steiner is a bitter but r...

Sister act 2 back in the habit

A lounge singer who had previously posed as a nun returns to the order to help teach in an inner city school.


John Kruger is a U.S. Marshal who "erases" the lives and identities of people entering the Witness Protection Program. Kruger must protect an executive who's uncovered a deal to put a new superweapon in the wrong hands....

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Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda lead an all-star cast in this film, interweaving the dramatic personal stories of the men who fought one of the most important battles of World War II. Just six months after the attack on ...

Bite the bullet

A former Rough Rider, a lovely but shady lady-in-distress, a drifting ex-cowboy, a young reckless cowboy, a haughty English sportsman, and a gutsy Pony Express rider come together to battle the trials of the rugged West ...

Hudson Hawk

The world's best cat burglar is out of prison and ready to go straight. But the mob and the CIA conspire to blackmail him and his friend into stealing three DaVinci masterpieces from the Vatican Museum.

Hard times

Bronson is a tight-lipped streetfighter and Coburn is the sharpster who arranges his bare-knuckled bouts in 1930s New Orleans.

High risk

Four friends take a trip to Colombia to steal money from a rich and notorious cocaine dealer. After successfully breaking into his compound and taking a million dollars, they find themselves split up, with one group pur...

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