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10 Results
The second time around

In 1911, a widow with two children leaves New York City for territorial Arizona and becomes a ranch hand and later gets herself elected sheriff. She is courted by Andy Griffith and Steve Forrest, both of whom ride to the...

The innocents

Deborah Kerr stars as an emotionally fragile governess who comes to suspect that there is something very, very wrong with her precocious new charges. A psychosexually intensified adaptation of Henry James's classic The T...

April love

The story of a young man sent to his uncle's farm to rehabilitate himself, how he adapts to his new surroundings and falls in love.


The story of a town overrun by a gang of bandits and thugs, which leads the honest folk to hire Clay Blaisdell, a famous gunman, to be their marshal and somehow save them from the evil gang.

Night people

"After World War II, an American GI is kidnapped by Soviets who hope to exchange him for two ex-Nazis hiding in West Berlin." -- Container.

River of no return

During the California goldrush, a swindled and tricked Matt sets out down river with his son and a saloon singer to seek revenge.

23 paces to Baker Street
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A blind American writer living in London stumbles upon a criminal conspiracy involving kidnapping and extortion.

Goodbye Charlie

"Shot by a jealous husband and lost at sea, Charles finds himself returned to the world as a woman named Charlie." -- Container.

Leo McCarey's An affair to remember

"Although each is engaged to someone else, when Nickie and Terry meet aboard an ocean liner, they fall in love. After they agree to rendezvous six months later atop the Empire State Building, tragedy strikes, and the lov...

Wild in the country

Glenn Tyler is a moody and uneducated Shenendoah backwoods boy. Believing he has killed his brother in a family fight, Glenn flees home and is caught by the police and brought to trial. Placed in the custody of his uncle...