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The 5th wave
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Sixteen-year-old Cassie Sullivan is trying to survive a world devastated by the waves of an alien invasion, while trying to save her five-year-old brother Sam from a training camp that was created by the Others (the alie...

The good girl

Thirty-year old Justine longs for a life more fulfilling than the one she leads with her boring husband and the dead-end job she has. But when a passionate young co-worker catches her eye and steals her heart, Justine's ...


When a musicologist is passed over for a prominent teaching position she visits her sister in the mountains of Appalachia. The generosity and strength of the people she meets there make a great impact on her life.


A Latino boxer must navigate the path between his newfound fame, with all its seductive trappings, and his humble yet proud roots growing up on the hard, mean streets of Jackson Heights, Queens. Surrounded by his childho...