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Birth of soul

Detroit gave the world soul music through the success of Motown Records, who were scoring hits from 1959 onwards. Their latest sound would be studied and aped by hundreds of acts around the city. Includes the songs I Cri...

Toby the pet therapy dog says be a buddy not a bully —Hammond, Charmaine.

Toby, a pet therapy dog, and Miss Charmaine visit Mrs. Johnson's class, where Miss Charmaine tells the children how Toby dealt with a dog who bullied him, teaching them about the importance of kindness, respect, acceptan...

The house of wives —Choa-Johnston, Simon, author.
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In 1862, a young Jew from Calcutta named Emanuel Belilios leaves his dutiful wife Semah and sets sail for Hong Kong to make his fortune in the opium trade. There, he grows into a prosperous and respectable merchant, even...

The good men : a novel of heresy —Craig, Charmaine.

Based on a historical document containing the startling testimony of a young woman tried by the Inquisition in 1320, the gripping story of religious persecution and three generations of neighbours turned against each oth...

White Fang. 2, Myth of the white wolf

Continuing story of White Fang and his master who face ruthless miners that want to steal a Native American tribe's land.

Miss Burma —Craig, Charmaine, author.

"A beautiful and poignant story of one family during the most violent and turbulent years of world history, Miss Burma is a powerful novel of love and war, colonialism and ethnicity, and the ties of blood. Miss Burma tel...

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