7 Results
7 Results
Foreign correspondent

A reporter sent to Europe to cover a peace conference falls in love with a diplomat's daughter, but discovers that her father is the head of a Nazi spy ring.

Strangers in good company

Seven elderly women and their bus driver band together to survive when their bus breaks down in the Quebec countryside. As they draw closer, the women begin to share stories from their pasts.

To be or not to be

Comedy about a theatrical troupe in Warsaw during World War II. They use every trick at their command to outwit the Nazi occupation troops, and at the same time, hold the Nazis up to ridicule.

The long voyage home

This critically acclaimed saga delves deep into the soul of the men at sea, their perilous trade, their lives and their tragic deaths aboard a cold steel cargo ship in the wake of World War II.


The USS Mason entered WWII on a presumably doomed mission. The all African-American crew overcame the harsh realities of war abroad and segregation at home, and was finally honored for its heroism in 1994.


Motion picture adaptation of William Shakespeare's play in which the evil Iago plants seeds of doubt in Othello's mind about Desdemona's fidelity.

Eye of God

"A small Oklahoma town is stripped of its innocence when one of its boys (Nick Stahl) turns up mute and bloodied by the lakeside [and] unable to tell his story. The local sheriff (Hal Holbrook) embarks on a quest to unco...