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Did you mean? Cabot Me Cabot Mer Cabot Mew
No words : a novel —Cabot, Meg, author.

Arriving on Little Bridge Island for a speaking engagement, best-selling children's author Jo Wright comes face-to-face with her nemesis, writer Will Price, who, much to her surprise, wants to make amends and prove to he...

Royal wedding disaster : from the notebooks of a middle school princess —Cabot, Meg, author, illustrator.

Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison still finds it hard to believe that she's a real live Princess of Genovia. Not only does she get to live in an actual palace with her newly discovered family and two fabulous poo...

Princess in love —Cabot, Meg, author.

"Princess Mia may seem like the luckiest girl ever. But lately she spends all her time doing one of three things: preparing for her nerve-racking entrée into Genovian society, slogging through Manhattan in December, and...

Princess in the spotlight —Cabot, Meg, author.

Having recently discovered she is the sole heir to the throne of a tiny European principality, fourteen-year-old Manhattan resident Mia writes in her journal about her attempts to cope with this news, as well as with mor...

Royal crown —Cabot, Meg, author, illustrator.

Anticipating her sister's coronation, Princess Olivia visits with an American friend, while dealing with her cousin's gossiping about her relationship with Prince Kahlil.

The princess diaries —Cabot, Meg, author.

"Mia Thermopolis is pretty sure there's nothing worse than being a five-foot-nine, flat-chested freshman, who also happens to be flunking Algebra. Is she ever in for a surprise. First Mom announces that she's dating Mia'...

Best friends and drama queens —Cabot, Meg.

Nine-year-old Allie Finkle's list of rules helps her navigate a tricky situation with a new girl at school.

Glitter girls and the great fake out —Cabot, Meg.

While trying to spare Erica's feelings so she could go to Brittany's birthday party, Allie disobeys one of her own rules and lies.

Princess in pink —Cabot, Meg.

In a series of humorous diary entries, high school freshman (and Genovian Princess) Mia tries to get her reluctant boyfriend to take her to the prom.

No judgments : a novel —Cabot, Meg, author.

"In New York Times-bestselling author Meg Cabot's latest novel, a young woman has to deal with the aftermath of a fierce hurricane -- and an equally stormy romance"-- Provided by publisher.

Stage fright —Cabot, Meg.

Allie's theatrical hopes are crushed when, instead of being cast as the princess, she is given the role of the evil queen in the fourth-grade class play.

No judgments a novel —Cabot, Meg, author.
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"When a massive hurricane severs all power and cell service to Little Bridge Island--as well as its connection to the mainland--twenty-five-year-old Bree Beckham isn't worried ... at first. She's already escaped one stor...

Blast from the past —Cabot, Meg.

Fourth-grader Allie establishes a new set of rules after she is forced to pair up with ex-best friend Mary Kay on a class trip to a historic one-room schoolhouse.

Royal crush —Cabot, Meg, author.
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Being the newest princess of Genovia is WAY more complicated than she expected, but Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison is getting used to it. She gets to live in an actual palace with two fabulous poodles, a pet i...

No words —Cabot, Meg, author.
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Jo Wright always swore she'd never step foot on Little Bridge Island, not as long as her nemesis, bestselling author Will Price, is living there. Then Jo's given an offer she can't refuse: an all-expense paid trip to spe...

Princess in waiting —Cabot, Meg.

Princess Mia is introduced to her Genovian subjects, and more importantly, she goes out on a date.

Princess lessons : [a princess diaries book] —Cabot, Meg.

Princess Mia from "The Princess Diaries" offers advice on inner and outer beauty, character development, etiquette, and dating.

Underworld —Cabot, Meg, author.

John Hayden, a death deity, takes seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera back to the Underworld against her will to keep her safe from the Furies, but her family is still at risk and she, herself, may never escape his captiv...

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