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9 Results
God gave us love —Bergren, Lisa Tawn.

Grampa Bear tells Little Cub all about God's love and why she should be patient, gentle, kind, and loving to family members and others, even when she does not like them very much.

God gave us you —Bergren, Lisa Tawn.

Mama polar bear tells Little Cub that her birth was a gift from God.

Jam & honey —Morales, Melita.

Tells the story of a young girl and a honeybee who learn to coexist peacefully in the same garden as they go about their respective tasks.

Jo Macdonald hiked in the woods —Quattlebaum, Mary.

"In this version of the classic song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," the farmer's granddaughter discovers the creatures living at a nearby woods. End notes present facts, outdoor activities, and games related to this lively ...

God gave us the world —Bergren, Lisa Tawn.

While visiting a museum, Mama Bear tells Little Cub about all the different kinds of bears living around the world, and that God created this big, diverse planet to be their home.

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, are you waking up? —Martin, Bill, 1916-2004.

Kitty Cat is distracted by many things as she gets ready for school in the morning. On board pages.

Little Fox goes to the end of the world —Tompert, Ann.

Little Fox tells her mother all the frightening things she will see and do when she travels to the end of the world.

God found us you —Bergren, Lisa Tawn.

When Little Fox asks his mother to tell his favorite story, Mama Fox recounts the day he arrived in her life, from God to her arms.