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53 Results
Rappy goes to Mars —Gutman, Dan, author.

When he takes a ride in a UFO to meet Janet, the head alien, Rappy must decide whether to live with her on Mars or return home.

Rappy and his favorite things —Gutman, Dan.

Rappy the Raptor and his classmates write poems about their favorite things to celebrate Poetry Week.

Rappy goes to the library —Gutman, Dan, author.

When his class visits the library, Rappy uses his raps and rhymes to convince his bored classmates that the library is a fun place to be.

Suppose you meet a dinosaur : a first book of manners —Sierra, Judy.

Illustrates basic polite behavior that one might need to use while grocery shopping at the same time as a dinosaur.

Rappy goes to the supermarket —Gutman, Dan, author.

When his mother forgets her shopping list, Rappy uses his raps and rhymes to help her remember what she needs from the grocery store.

Shampoodle —Holub, Joan.

Rhyming text describes a dog grooming establishment on picture day and the uproar some curious kittens cause when they try to explore.

Not your typical dragon —Bar-el, Dan.

"When Crispin Blaze turns seven, he's expected to breathe fire like all the other dragons. But instead of fire, he breathes a host of unusual things"--Provided by publisher.

Vampoodle —Holub, Joan, author.

Dogs, including Vampoodle--a poodle with fangs--enjoy Halloween fun.

Rappy the Raptor —Gutman, Dan.

"Rappy the Raptor tells the story of how he became a rapping Velociraptor, all in rhyme"--Provided by publisher.

Memoirs of a tortoise —Scillian, Devin, author.

Oliver the tortoise looks back on his happy life as he wonders why his pet human, Ike, who he has had for eighty years, has stopped visiting the garden.

Footloose —Loggins, Kenny, author.

In this version of the pop rock song "Footloose," zookeeper Jack joins the zoo animals in an all-night dance party.

Memoirs of a hamster —Scillian, Devin.

"A pet hamster is enticed by the family cat to venture outside his well-equipped cage to the sunroom only to very quickly discover life outside his cage is not the best for him."--Provided by publisher.

Rappy goes to school —Gutman, Dan, author.

"On the first day of school, Rappy the Raptor uses his raps and rhymes to deal with a bully and make a new friend"-- Provided by publisher.

Gorgonzola : a very stinkysaurus —Palatini, Margie.

When Gorgonzola the dinosaur learns that everyone runs from him to avoid his smell, rather than out of fear, he is grateful to the little bird who shows him how to brush his teeth and wash.

Dream big, little pig! —Yamaguchi, Kristi.

Poppy is a waddling, toddling pig with big dreams. She wants to be a star! But she soon discovers that's not as easy as it sounds. It's only when Poppy feels the magic of gliding and sliding, swirling and twirling on ice...

Custard Surprise —Lodge, Bernard.

Two chickens, Dinah and Rufus, find that running a diner is harder than they expected when every customer wants something that is not on the menu, until finally someone comes in for whom the Custard Surprise is just righ...

Talk, Oscar, please! —Orloff, Karen Kaufman.

A boy imagines how much more fun he and his dog could have if only the dog would learn to talk.

Princess Pig —Spinelli, Eileen.

A pig believes herself to be a princess and behaves accordingly, but soon learns that being royalty has a price.

Fun dog, sun dog —Heiligman, Deborah.

Although Tinka the dog can be described in many ways, she is always the right kind of canine for her owner.

Memoirs of a goldfish —Scillian, Devin.

A goldfish gives a personal account of his experiences while swimming around his bowl as it slowly fills with fish and other accessories, only to realize when he is relocated for a cleaning how much he misses them.

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