15 Results
15 Results
God's not dead. 2

A Christian teacher is forced before a judge for honestly answering a question about Jesus in the classroom. With the principal and superintendent joining forces with a zealous civil liberties group, Grace faces an epic ...

A cowgirl's story

The story of high school cowgirls who must hold down the home front while their military parents are on duty in Afghanistan.

Seven alone

When their parents die on the way to Oregon in 1843, seven children decide to complete the 2000-mile trek through the wilderness on their own.

April love

The story of a young man sent to his uncle's farm to rehabilitate himself, how he adapts to his new surroundings and falls in love.

Masquerade : prepare for the greatest con job in history —Gallups, Carl, 1955-

"Consider how so many of the institutions of education, entertainment, science, technology, and even 'the church,' have been directly influenced and distorted by the demonic realm. And think of the younger citizens of th...

State fair

A small-town family travels to the State Fair. The father is looking for a blue ribbon for his prize hog, Blue Boy, mom is looking for glory in her cooking, and the kids are looking for love.

The cross and the switchblade

The legendary story of David Wilkerson's mission from the countryside of rural Pennsylvania into the middle of the violence of gang warfare in New York's urban ghettos. Wilkerson sought to lead the embittered youth away ...

All hands on deck

Zany goings-on aboard a Navy ship fly when a girl reporter stows away and an Indian crew member brings a live turkey aboard, throwing the entire Navy into confusion.

Goodbye Charlie

"Shot by a jealous husband and lost at sea, Charles finds himself returned to the world as a woman named Charlie." -- Container.

Journey to the center of the earth

Mason stars as Professor Lindenbrook, a scientist who leads an expedition down to the earth's core. They encounter dangers which include kidnapping & prehistoric reptiles.

Boonville redemption

It is 1906 in Boonville, California. Thirteen year-old Melinda is unhappy with the hand that life has dealt her. Being born out of wedlock and scorned by many, Melinda desperately wants to know what happened to her real ...