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4 Results
Operation Mekong
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Inspired by the true story known as the Mekong Massacre. Two Chinese commercial vessels are ambushed while traveling down the Mekong River in the waters of the Golden Triangle, one of the largest drug-manufacturing regio...

大魔術師 Da mo shu shi

After the revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty, China was ruled by vicious landlords. A rising lieutenant uses amazing magic to scare convicts into joining his warlord's army.

What women want Wo zhi nü ren xin

Zigang Sun is a chauvinistic executive who is passed over for a promotion at his advertising agency. Instead, Yilong Li is hired to develop advertising campaigns targeted toward women. But, in a comedic twist of fate, Su...

White haired witch
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Based on one of China's most popular novels that tell a gripping story of kung fu, fantasy, revenge and death.