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8 Results
Wizards of waverly place the movie

The Russos are headed to the Caribbean for a family vacation, and Alex is less than thrilled. And her parents have decided that there will be no magic allowed on the trip! Alex is bored and conjures up a little magic wit...

Hannah Montana the movie

When Hannah Montana shows signs of forgetting her roots as Miley Stewart, her father Robbie Ray puts his foot down. Miley has always strived to live a relatively normal teenage life, but when late stage entrances, exclus...

Twitches too

Now that "twin witches" Alex and Camryn know the truth about their royal birth, it's time for the girls to learn about each other and how to use their magical powers. While Alex wants to focus on college and having a sem...

The wizards return. Alex vs. Alex

The Russo family and friends are headed to Tuscany, Italy, to meet their long-lost relatives, but when Alex tries to prove she's more than a seemingly carefree young wizard, she inadvertently conjures a spell that create...

Hannah Montana : the essential guide —Hester, Beth Landis.

A guide to the television program Hannah Montana and the motion picture Hannah Montana, the movie.

Hannah Montana the movie
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When stardom threatens to take over Miley's life as pop-star sensation Hannah Montana, her father takes the entire family back home to the country. Hannah must face the most important decision of her life. Now she must t...

Hannah Montana : the movie : the movie storybook

Miley Stewart lives in two worlds -- that of an ordinary teenager and the world of the pop star Hannah Montana. On a trip to Tennessee, she learns how to balance these two parts of her life.