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28 Results
The miracle worker

The story of Helen Keller and her guardian, Annie Sullivan, who broke through Helen's barriers of blindness and deafness to communicate with her.

The elephant man

When the London surgeon Frederick Treves meets the freak-show performer John Merrick, who has severe skeletal and soft tissue deformities, he assumes that he must be intellectually disabled as well. As the two men spend ...

84 Charing Cross Road

An American writer forms an enduring relationship with a London bookseller which is carried on over 20 years and across two continents.

The elephant man

Based on the true story of Joseph Merrick, a deformed man, who is discovered by a dedicated surgeon and is given a chance to live his last years in comfort rather than as a circus freak.

The graduate

Uncertain of what he wants to do with his life, college graduate Benjamin Braddock returns home. And when the wife of his father's business partner, the sexy Mrs. Robinson, seduces him, the affair only deepens his confus...

New York confidential

Broderick Crawford is the NYC mob boss dealing out death as the answer to every crisis--from a minor member of his own syndicate, to a Washington lobbyist, to his own hired killers!

Marco Polo : 馬可波羅 Marco Polo : Make Boluo

In 1298, Marco Polo took part in a war between Venice and Genoa and was captured unfortunately. In prison, he met a writer, Luosiderkala [Rusticiano, da Pisa] . And then the Travels of Marco Polo dictated by Marco Polo a...

The graduate

A recent college graduate from an affluent family is seduced by the wife of his father's business partner, then subsequently falls in love with her daughter.

The turning point

Two friends, one who left the ballet to raise a family, and one who abandoned dreams of a family to become a prima ballerina, reunite and cope with the consequences of their choices.

Home for the holidays Un weekend en famille

Claudia Larson is a divorced single mom who just lost her job and now has to fly home for the traditional family Thanksgiving in Baltimore. From the plane, she calls for reinforcements--and her brother Tommy makes it dow...

To be or not to be Être ou ne pas être

A comedy film of wartime Poland about an acting troupe which becomes involved in international affairs. Includes theatrical trailer.

Hollywood couples. Disc four a revealing look at Hollywood's most famous couples!.

A romantic set of hour-long profiles spotlighting the personal lives and amazing careers of 25 legendary Hollywood twosomes, from Gable & Lombard to more contemporary heartthrobs such as Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman.

Great expectations

A modern day version of the Dickens classic finds an aspiring artist (Hawke) reunited with his love (Paltrow). When she agrees to model for him, his dearest hopes may be realized, along with his darkest fears.

The graduate

Benjamin Braddock has just finished college and is already lost in a sea of confusion and barely contained angst when he becomes sexually involved with the middle-aged mother of the young woman he's dating.


When a forgotten enemy returns, the fate of the world lies with a spirited princess and an unlikely hero. Take an exciting journey to a spectacular realm of magic, fantasy, romance, and adventure.

Jesus of Nazareth the complete miniseries

Franco Zeffirelli creates an unforgettable portrait in his legendary interpretation of the life of Jesus. Beginning before the Nativity and extending through the Crucifixion and Resurrection, it brings to life all the ma...

Don't bother to knock

A psychotic babysitter threatens to kill her charge.

The Roman spring of Mrs. Stone

Karen Stone, a fading actress, is suddenly widowed. She decides to leave the stage and moves to Rome where she leads a comfortable but lonely life. Her friend, the Contessa, introduces her to a handsome young man who is ...

Jesus of Nazareth

Powell stars as Jesus Christ in this story which depicts his life from his birth through his resurrection. Hussey portrays Mary.

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