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40 Results
The big sleep

L.A. private detective Philip Marlowe takes on a blackmail case and follows a trail peopled by murderers, pornographers, nightclub rogues, the spoiled rich - just to name a few. Marlowe is hired to protect a young woman ...

Ernest & Celestine

Deep below snowy, cobblestone streets, tucked away in networks of winding subterranean tunnels, lives a civilization of hardworking mice, terrified of the bears who live above ground. Unlike her fellow mice, Celestine is...


Based on the novel by Stephen King. Successful romantic novelist, Paul Sheldon, who just had his life saved by his No.1 fan ... now lives to regret it. When Ann Wilkes discovers that her favorite character, Misery Chasta...

Howl's moving castle

Sophie, who helps out at her late father's hat shop, is transformed one day by a witch into an old woman. Sophie seeks out the help of the wizard Howl, who has an amazing moving castle which is fueled by a fire demon nam...

To have and have not

An American charter boat captain in Martinique gets involved with a young female drifter and some French freedom fighters who are trying to elude local Nazi collaborators.

Key Largo

Bogart goes to visit the widow and father of an old war buddy in a Florida island hotel and finds that an infamous gangster has moved in and taken over the place.


Grace arrives in the isolated town of Dogville, on the run from gangsters. The townspeople agree to hide her. However, when outsiders start looking for the fugitive, the locals make demands of Grace in exchange for the r...

The sons of Katie Elder; The shootist

In The sons of Katie Elder, John Wayne stars as a gunfighter trying to regain the family ranch, and in The shootist, he's an old gunfighter dying of cancer but ready to fight one last valiant battle.

Murder on the Orient Express

Hercule Poirot is a dapper detective for whom murder-solving is a precise, intellectual exercise. When a murder occurs aboard the Orient Express, Poirot agrees to interview all aboard the famous train's Calais coach, hop...

The mirror has two faces

Two people meet, have an intellectual relationship, marry, and try to remain celibate, but end up falling in love.

Turner Classic Movies greatest classic legends film collection. Natalie Wood

Splendor in the grass: Warren Beatty made his film debut in this story of a girl (Natalie Wood) whose love for a local boy and pressure to be a "good girl" from her parents drives her to madness. The film won an Oscar fo...


A widow for ten years, Anna is looking forward to getting remarried when a mysterious boy appears claiming to be the reincarnation of her late husband.

Dark passage

Vincent Parry, a man unjustly accused of murdering his wife, escapes from San Quentin and sets out to clear his name; but, he needs the help of someone he can trust. He finds both help and love in Irene, a San Francisco ...

Written on the wind

Drama of a Texas oil magnate brought down by the excesses of his spoiled offspring.

Sex and the single girl

Loosely based on the book 'Sex and the single girl' by Helen Gurley Brown. Snoopy tabloid magazine editor Bob Weston wants to know if author Helen Gurley Brown based her book on, as he believes, personal research. He tri...

The forger

A fifteen-year-old art prodigy abandoned by his drug addicted mother finds refuge in the picturesque art village of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. While trying to survive on his own, he is introduced to the high dollar u...

The shootist

A dying gunman returns to his friend for medical care in his last days, but becomes involved with a widow and her son, eventually dying with honor in a final gunfight.

Blood alley

An American merchant marine captain ferries a group of Chinese refugees down the Yangtze River to escape the Communists.

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