39 Results
39 Results
The biggest Easter egg —Sander, Sonia.

Clifford can't seem to find an Easter egg big enough for him to decorate, but an ostrich has the answer.

Hooray for dads! —Pass, Erica.

SpongeBob and his dad go to the annual Dad and Kid Games Day at Mussel Beach.

SpongeBob royale

SpongeBob goes to another time in two royal adventures.

My trip to Atlantis —Willson, Sarah.

The Bikini Bottom gang is transported to the lost city of Atlantis where they anger the citizens by destroying a national treasure.

Journey around the world —Albee, Sarah.

The explorers sail around the world to prove to Queen Tasha that the world is round, not flat.

Runway pups —Harimann, Sierra.

The beach in Puppyville is a mess! Charo is planning a fashio show fundraiser. Can she and her puppy pals make enough money to clean up the beach?

Man Sponge saves the day —Willson, Sarah.

Bikini Botton is in trouble, and there's only one person who can put the bad buys in their place with lots of action and laughs - Man Sponge.

Puppies on Parade —Harimann, Sierra.

It's St. Patrick's Day! Bridget wants to play the bagpipes in the big parade, but can she get ready in time? Maybe her friends can help!

For the love of bubbles —Banks, Steven, 1954-

SpongeBob hits his head and loses his memory, only to find out he's been elected mayor of New Kelp City.

The mighty egg sitters —Inches, Alison.

When King Pablo instructs his knights to guard the royal egg, Sir Tyrone, and Uniqua the Knight end up chasing the egg all over the kingdom, and when they finally catch up to it they are in for a monstrous surprise!

Atlantis Squarepantis —Pass, Erica.

After discovering the missing half of an ancient amulet, SpongeBob and his friends find themselves in the lost city of Atlantis. There SpongeBob and Patrick take a picture with the World's Oldest Living Bubble--and then ...

Talent-show pups —Harimann, Sierra.

The Puppyville Talent Show is coming up fast. The puppies can't wait! But Freddy doesn't think he has a special talent. Can he still be part of the show?

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