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23 Results
Sergio Aragonés Groo. Volume 2, Friends and foes. —Aragonés, Sergio, 1937-
Graphic Novel
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The adventures of Groo who causes mayhem wherever he goes despite his good intentions.

Groo. Volume 1, Fray of the gods —Aragonés, Sergio, 1937- author, illustrator.
Graphic Novel
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"When the gods are in conflict over the spirit and future of mankind, Groo becomes an unwitting pawn in their war"-- Provided by publisher.

Sergio Aragonés' Groo vs. Conan —Aragonés, Sergio, 1937-
Graphic Novel
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One is a cross-hatched Hyborian from the unforgiving steppes of Cimmeria. The other is a big-nosed buffoon from a land of cartoony chaos. Only in the addled brain of Sergio Aragones could these two mismatched warriors ev...

Bart Simpson. Big shot!
Graphic Novel
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Stand back in wonder as the brashest and boldest boy in Springfield makes the big time! First, Bart gets the big idea that he'll be rolling in the dough by going green. Then, Nelson stands trial, and the only thing that ...

Sergio Aragonés : five decades of his finest works ; foreword by Patrick O'Donnell. —Aragonés, Sergio, 1937-

For the first time ever, here is a "greatest hits" collection of one of MAD's most popular and prolific artists, hand-picked by the artist and featuring his greatest work from his debut with MAD in 1963 to the present.--...

Sergio Aragonés Groo Hell on Earth —Aragonés, Sergio, 1937-

Groo is back ... and oddly enough, that may not be the biggest disaster looming over the world. It seems to be getting hotter everywhere ... that is, in those places where it isn't getting colder than ever before.

Actions speak —Aragonés, Sergio, 1937-
Graphic Novel
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Collects wordless cartoons about men, women, work, children, love, and money.

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