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12 Results
The King's speech Le discours du roi
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The story of King George VI of Britain, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.


Returning from fighting in the Crusades, the young Saxon knight Ivanhoe must fight to regain the woman he loves and to protect the social order and monarchy of England.

A.D. anno Domini

An epic-length dramatization of the Book of Acts and the apostolic era which depicts the rising confrontation between the Roman Empire, Jewish zealots and early Christians. Biblical narrative is interspersed with histori...

Agatha Christie Marple. Series 2

Four full-length whodunit mysteries.

Icon and, the Holcroft covenant

Icon (2005, 173 min.): The manifesto of a new Russian presidential candidate has been found--a disturbing blueprint for returning his country to a military dictatorship. Only one ex-CIA operative is qualified to stop him...

Under the volcano

Withering from alcoholism, British consul Geoffrey Firmin stumbles through a small Mexican village amidst the Day of the Dead fiesta, attempting to reconnect with his estranged wife, but only further alienating himself.

The Holcroft covenant

Noel Holcroft has inherited an awesome legacy. His father, Hitler's financial wizard, and two other prominent Nazis had re-routed staggering sums of money into a Swiss bank. Supposedly the money was to relieve the suffer...