The big book of ghost stories

Published 2012
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9780307474490 (pbk.)
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New York : Vintage Crime/Black Lizard/Vintage Books, c2012.
xii, 833 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
But I'm not dead yet. Mr. Arcularis / Conrad Aiken
August heat / William Fryer Harvey
I'll love you-- forever (or maybe not). The shadowy third / Ellen Glasgow
The past / Ellen Glasgow
But at my back I always hear / David Morrell
The furnished room / O. Henry
Death's warm fireside / Paul Ernst
The advent reunion / Andrew Klavan
The return / R. Murray Gilchrist
The phantom rickshaw / Rudyard Kipling
The moonlit road / Ambrose Bierce
The story of Ming-Y / Lafcadio Hearn
Yuki-Onna / Lafcadio Hearn
This old house. Brickett Bottom / Amyas Northcote
How fear departed from the long gallery / E.F. Benson
Thing of darkness / G.G. Pendarves
The house of the nightmare / Edward Lucas White
The house in Half Moon Street / Hector Bolitho
A night of horror / Dick Donovan
The burned house / Vincent O'Sullivan
Kids will be kids. Harry / Rosemary Timperley
Make-believe / Michael Reaves
Playmate / A.M. Burrage
Just behind you / Ramsey Campbell
Adam and Eve and pinch me / A.E. Coppard
The lost boy of the Ozarks / Steve Friedman
There's something funny around here. A ghost's story / Mark Twain
In at the death / Donald E. Westlake
The ghost of Dr. Harris / Nathaniel Hawthorne
The everlasting club / "Inculphus"
Legal rites / Isaac Asimov and James MacCreigh
Death must die / Albert E. Cowdrey
The transferred ghost / Frank Stockton
The Canterville ghost / Oscar Wilde
A negative train of thought. Pacific 421 / August Derleth
The midnight el / Robert Weinberg
Stop-- you're scaring me. Punch and Judy / Frederick Cowles
The fireplace / Henry S. Whitehead
The night wire / H.F. Arnold
Smoke ghost / Fritz Leiber
Song of the dead / Wyatt Blassingame
I must be dreaming. The dream woman / Wilkie Collins
The adventure of the German student / Washington Irving
A seánce, you say? They found my grave / Joseph Shearing
Mrs. Morrel's last seánce / Edgar Jepson
Night-side / Joyce Carol Oates
Classics. "Oh, whistle and I'll come to you my lad" / M.R. James
The monkey's paw / W.W. Jacobs
The toll-house / W.W. Jacobs
Afterward / Edith Wharton
Consequences / Willa Cather
The follower / Cynthia Asquith
The corner shop / Cynthia Asquith
The terrible old man / H.P. Lovecraft
The murderer's violin / Erckmann-Chatrian
The open window / Saki
Laura / Saki
What was it? / Fitz-James O'Brien
Full fathom five / Alexander Woollcott
He cometh and he passeth by / H.R. Wakefield
Thurnley Abbey / Perceval Landon
The female of the species. The woman's ghost story / Algernon Blackwood
The angel of the Marne / Victor Rousseau
The shell of sense / Olivia Howard Dunbar
The avenging of Ann Leete / Marjorie Bowen
Beaten to a pulp. The dead-wagon / Greye LaSpina
A soul with two bodies / Urann Thayer
The ghosts of Steamboat Coulee / Arthur J. Burks
The considerate hosts / Thorp McClusky
The fifth candle / Cyril Mand
The return of Andrew Bentley / August Derleth and Mark Schorer
The floor above / M.L. Humphreys
School for the unspeakable / Manly Wade Wellman
Mordecai's pipe / A.V. Milyer
He walked by day / Julius Long
Behind the screen / Dale Clark
Modern masters. Journey into the kingdom / M. Rickert
Mr. Saul / H.R.F. Keating
Coventry carol / Chet Williamson.
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