The best cowboy stories ever told

Published 2011
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New York : Skyhorse Pub., c2011.
ix, 558 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Aforesaid Bates / Eugene Manlove Rhodes
My first lesson in cow punching / Charles Siringo
A moonlight drive / Andy Adams
The true cowboy / H.H. Halsell
Abilene in 1868 / Joseph G. McCoy
Dodge / William Macleod Raine
The cowboy / Emerson Hough
The story of the cowpuncher / Charles M. Russell
Cowboy Dave / Frank V. Webster
Hopalong nurses a grouch / Clarence E. Mulford
How I became a cowboy / Frank Harris
A trip to Chicago as cow-puncher. My first aquaintance with outlaw "Billy the Kid" / Charles A. Siringo
The kid / Walter Noble Burns
A rodeo at Los Ojos / Frederic Remington
Jack Hildreth among the Indians / Karl May
The drive / Stewart Edward White
Forty Islands Ford / Andy Adams
The round-up / Theodore Roosevelt
The race / Stewart Edward White
Charles Russell / Bob Kennon
Whiskey / Charles M. Russell
Twenty straight on the prairie / Emerson Hough
The quest begins / Max Brand
Cattle detective / Tom Horn
A pair of outlaws / Charles M. Russell / Deadwood Dick / Nat Love
Some cooks I have known / Bob Kennon
An eleven hundred mile horseback ride down the Chisholm Trail / Charles A. Siringo
Style on the ranch / W.S. James
Some pranks / Bob Kennon
Life in the cattle country / Frederic Remington
A Mexican plug / Mark Twain
Some glimpses into ranch life / Frank S. Hastings
The cattle country of the Far West / Theodore Roosevelt
Coming off the trail in '82 / Jack Potter
End of the trail (cowboy logic and frolic) / Edgar Beecher Bronson
Justice in the saddle / Andy Adams
The trouble man / Eugene Manlove Rhodes
Bit by bit / Clarence E. Mulford
Range horses / Charles M. Russell
Good Samaritan cowboys / J.J. Halsell
Buck Peters makes friends / Clarence E. Mulford and John Wood Clay
On a tare in Wichita, Kansas / Charles Siringo
Hopalong's round up / Clarence E. Mulford
On the trail / Zane Grey
Some liars of the Old West / Charles M. Russell
Pecos Bill / Mody C. Boatright
Cracker cowboys of Florida / Frederic Remington.
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