Radioactive Marie & Pierre Curie, a tale of love & fallout

Graphic Novel
Published 2010
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Through words and her crafted illustrations, artist and journalist, Lauren Redniss, tells the story of Marie Curie, née Marya Sklodowska, and her working and romantic relationship with Pierre Curie, including their discovery of two new scientific elements with startling properties--as well as the tragic car accident that killed Pierre, Marie's two Nobel Prizes, and her scandalous affair with a married scientist. And Radioactive looks beyond the contours of Marie's life, surveying the changes wrought by the Curies' discoveries--nuclear weapons, radiation in medical treatment, and nuclear energy as a possible energy source.

9780062416162 (trade paperback)
First Dey Street books paperback edition published 2015.
205 pages : colour illustrations ; 28 cm
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Marie and Pierre Curie, a tale of love and fallout
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