The cactus and snowflake at work : how the logical and sensitive can thrive side by side

Published 2022
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"Feelers (those who lead with their hearts) and Thinkers (those who lead with their heads) can combine their strengths and work together if they follow the sage advice in this playful but practical guide. This book shows how people who "melt" (snowflakes) and people who retain their heat (cacti) when the temperatures rise at work can meet in the middle and combine their strengths in the workplace"-- Provided by publisher.

9781523093366 (pbk.)
First edition.
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Oakland, CA : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Incorporated, [2022]
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Who are you? Take a self-assessment and explore the results
Getting acquainted: roots of stereotypes and reasons behind behaviors
Respect: platinum rule, flex your style, and mind your own business
The nonevent: alternative realities and beans up the nose
Thoughts, words, actions: the three areas you control
Stress and shadows: personality in times of angst
Leaders in the tundra and Sahara: methods to maximize leadership effectiveness
Introverts and extroverts in the mix: the interplay of introversion, extroversion, snowflakes, and cacti
Beyond business: snowflakes and cacti in your personal life.
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