The wife who got a life

Published 2021
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"STUFF I REALLY NEED TO DO BEFORE I GET ANY OLDER: JANUARY : Write the Above List; FEBRUARY: Ditch Periods; MARCH: Ditch Cooking; APRIL: Get a Life Outside the Family - Preferably with 'Young' People; MAY: Secure My Son's Future - i.e. Put a Rocket Up His Arse; JUNE: Secure My Daughter's Future - i.e. Teach Her How to Not Get Screwed Over by Relationships; JULY: Reduce My Carb Footprint (That will be carbohydrate as well as carbon); AUGUST: Agree Who Will Clean Mum and Dad's Toilet; SEPTEMBER: Make the Necessary Announcements about the Menopause; OCTOBER: Have 'The Chat' (The Really, Really Important One); NOVEMBER: Fall in Love Again; DECEMBER: Dance with Hugh Jackman. Cathy Collins thinks she's worked out exactly what she needs to do in order to nail getting older. After initially feeling very de-motivated by her sister's gift of a 'Motivational Journal', she develops a unique list of monthly tasks she believes will set her up for tackling the coming of middle age with ease. Unfortunately, no one ever said the ageing process was that straightforward, and when her husband throws in his own midlife bombshell, it sends her into crisis mode despite her carefully laid plans ..."--Provided by publisher.

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