Almost paradise

Published 2021
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Almost paradise : "Summer camp director Jeff Roarke has a strict policy against romance in the workplace--even if his office is in the forest. Jeff runs a prestigious program and has no tolerance for anything that will distract the campers...or the counselors. But when Sherry White joins the team, Jeff finds it difficult to follow his own rules. Looking for a summer escape, and a break from her eccentric stepmother, Sherry jumps at the opportunity to work as a camp counselor. She is surpised when she starts to feel a connection with serious Jeff, but works to convince him that true love is worth the risk. The soldier's redemption: Blaming himself for the accident that claimed his wife and son, ranch manager Finn Gallagher vows he'll never remarry. Yet he's drawn to his new rescue-dog caretaker, Kayla White, and her little boy. But the single mother is running from something in her past. And as he begins wishing the little family could be his, Finn must convince her to trust him with her secret." --

480 pages ; 17 cm
Other Title:
Soldier's redemption.
"Almost paradise" was first published in 1988. "The soldier's redemption" was first published in 2018.
Almost paradise / Debbie Macomber
The soldier's redemption / Lee Tobin McClain
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