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Gregory Quist, man-hunter extraordinaire, was in Masquerade City to investigate a train wreck and a robbery, when two young wildcats -- Ramon and Chris -- sidetrack him with a tale of murder. Their boss, Reed Haldane, had been found dead in his bed the day Quist arrived. The sheriff said it was suicide, but Ramon, Chris, and Haldane's lovely daughter thought differently. There was a man in town who had been threatening to get Haldane for twenty years. A gun stolen from the wreck was found in the room where Haldane died. That was just the beginning of a lot of tangled evidence that didn't add up right even to Quist's razor-sharp mind. And what with a threatening letter, a menacing flat-eyed gunman, and a night ambush, things were getting pretty hot. But Quist -- aided and distracted by Ramon and Chris -- finally tracked the freight thieves to their lair and cleared up both mysteries in a dramatic showdown punctuated with bullets.

Large print edition.
318 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
large print
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