Montana masquerade

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Published 2021
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"Perry Hamil, a fugitive from Texas, is headed for the Canadian border. Riding through Montana, he witnesses the massacre of a stagecoach and all its passengers by the Sioux - and when he investigates what's left, he's inspired with an idea. What if one of the five mutilated bodies were...him? No more wanted posters or crazy gunfights. No more threat of the gallows. So Perry becomes Barry Rodman, a young Virginian who'd been bound for Bozeman to inherit a fortune - more money than he's ever dreamed of. All he has to do is wait around for six months. But Barry's fiancée is keen to come stake her claim on her man. And Harry De Shon, a trigger-happy sheriff, knows Perry from the old days. Both are headed for Bozeman - and it won't take them six months to get there!" --

255 pages ; 20 cm
large print
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