First picture atlas

Published 2020
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Take an exciting journey around the world and explore every country on Earth. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning Anthony Lewis, the colorful maps, plus lively and informative text make this an essential atlas for younger readers. Jet off to South America and discover the Amazon rainforest, journey to Scandinavia and visit a mermaid, then wrap up warm as you head south to Antarctica - the coldest place on Earth. Pictograms show where to find animals and places of interest. This atlas is the perfect first geography reference book for both home and school.

9780753476321 (hardcover)
48 pages : color illustrations, color maps, photographs ; 31 cm
Includes index.
About Earth
What is a map?
Using an atlas
The world
Canada and Alaska
The United States of America
Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
South America
Northern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Russia and its neighbors
Southwestern Asia
Southern and Southeastern Asia
China and Japan
Northern Africa
Southern Africa
Australia and New Zealand
The Pacific Islands
The Arctic
The oceans
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