U up?
—Disabato, Catie, author.
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"Eve is no typical LA millennial. Yes, she's into her devices and social media, and even makes her living working for an app developer. And yes she's texting-sardonically-all the time. The difference is that most of the time, she's texting--sardonically--to her best friend ... who's dead. And on the one-year anniversary of that friend's death, the remaining member of her trio fails to meet her to mark the occasion. He doesn't text her, either. Worried, Eve launches a search across the dive bars and hilly neighborhoods of LA's east side, while scouring social media for clues and brushing off friends who tell her she's overreacting. And as her search takes her to unexpected places, she starts to question just how much she really knows about her best friends ... or herself. In her long-awaited follow up to The Ghost Network, Catie Disabato delivers a sassy, gripping pop mystery about toxic relationships, and holds a mirror to the ways the phantom selves we create online permeate our emotional lives, and hide our worst traits from everyone ... including ourselves"-- Provided by publisher.

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