Brag better : master the art of fearless self-promotion
—Fineman, Meredith, author.
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"If you prefer to "just put your head down and do the work," or if you feel like bragging is icky, you are sabotaging yourself without knowing it. Doing good work is no guarantee anyone will notice it. You need a strategy for communicating your achievements and skill sets to others. Meredith Fineman has built a thriving career training the Qualified Quiet: competent professionals who struggle to communicate their worth to others. Rather than pretending that you're more qualified or confident than you are, or inserting self-promotion into conversations at inappropriate times, Fineman advocates finding quiet confidence in your opinions, abilities, and background, and then turning up the volume. In this book, Fineman shares the game-changing tools she's developed over the past decade that make bragging feel easy, including: - Eliminate words that undermine your work and find better ones--like your bio saying you're "trying" or "attempting" to do something instead that you ARE doing it. - Get remembered by focusing your personal brand and voice on key adjectives (like "effective, subtle, and edgy") - Practice explaining what you do in simple, sticky terms to earn respect and recognition from the public and people at work Our culture rewards loud voices over qualified ones. To create a thoughtful, diverse dialogue, we need you to tell the world who you are and what you want--with volume. If you're ready to unlock career opportunities and help others shine, this book is for you"-- Provided by publisher.

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Self-actualization (Psychology)
Success in business.
Self-help publications.
278 pages ; 22 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The basics of bragging better
The "B" word
Why is bragging so hard?
Be proud
Be loud
Be strategic
The campaign of you
Resumés, bios, headshots, and personal websites
Salary negotiations
Public speaking
Bragging online
Going pro
Facing your bragging fears
How to deal with being "out there"
How to help others brag better
Ask others to brag for you, too
Your brag better future.
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