Moon gardening : planting your biodynamic garden by the phases of the moon
—Jackson, Matt (Garden and landcape consultant), author.
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Biodynamic gardening means taking a holistic approach to the garden and being aware of the interrelatedness of the soil, plants and vegetables. The principles of biodynamics also bring a spiritual aspect to the meditative art of gardening, emphasising the influence of invisible energies, such as the lunar cycles, on the garden. You will discover how to take advantage of the natural rhythms of the moon, by planning your gardening activities to coincide with the most favourable conditions in the sky. For example, during a waxing moon, the earth is exhaling, and it is best to sow non-root plants. During a waning moon, the earth is inhaling, and biodynamic gardeners should water and fertilise their crops. With step-by-step illustrations for 25 projects, explanatory diagrams and stunning colour photographs, it's easy to see how biodynamic techniques can work for any gardener.

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Astrology and gardening.
Plants -- Effect of the moon on.
158 pages : illustrations (colour) ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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