The sheriff of San Miguel

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Published 2020
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Kirk Calloway might be taken for a cowboy, a sheriff, or a buffalo hunter; he has been all three. Right now he's trailing a covered wagon, four white mules, and a beautiful woman - but when he reaches them, he finds himself busier tracking down a killer than courting. Four bullet-riddled men at a supper table, cattle-rustling on a grand scale, and a fantastic wager are some of the startling things he discovers when he arrives in New Mexico, and it isn't long before he's pulled into investigating the disappearance of the only witness to the dirty dealings of a local cattle outfit with ties to the wealthiest man in the district. On the way, Kirk sees the railroad come to New Mexico, faces death, finds love - and learns about a man's honor from the fabulous sheriff of San Miguel.

Large print edition.
288 pages (large print) ; 24 cm
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