Riders of Buck River

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Published 2014
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A bitter struggle is brewing between the big cattlemen and the small nesters in the Buck River country. The hard-bitten Calhoun Terry, who used to be a small-time cowboy, has come to believe that the big ranches are better able to develop the country than the small cattlemen. Joining his small ranch to the larger Diamond Reverse B in exchange for the position as manager of the larger ranch seemed like an excellent move for him, but it has aroused the resentment of the cowpunchers and nesters who were once his friends. When it appears that the small ranchers and homesteaders are protecting the rustlers, who prey exclusively on the big outfits, the big cattlemen decide to take matters into their own hands, but decide to exclude Terry because he used to be a small cattleman and might object to what they have planned. As their plan begins to unfold, Terry confronts the leader of the cattlemen, telling him that he wants no part of it and warning him that he needs to stop before things get out of hand. But things are already out of control. As the country stands on the brink of a range war, Terry finds himself caught in the middle. The rustlers and small cattlemen hate him. The big outfits detest him. Both sides believe him to be a traitor to their cause. But Terry has his own moral code to live by, even if it means he will have to walk alone.

Center Point Large Print edition.
326 pages ; 23 cm
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