Spirit run : a 6,000-mile marathon through North America's stolen land
—Álvarez, Noé, author.
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The electrifying debut memoir of a son of working-class Mexican immigrants who fled a life of labor in fruit-packing plants to run in a Native American marathon from Canada to Guatemala, challenging himself to reimagine North America and his place in it Growing up in Raymond Carver country - Yakima, Washington - Noe Alvarez worked at an apple-packing plant alongside his mother, who slouched over a conveyor belt of fruit, shoulder to shoulder with mothers conditioned to believe this was all they could do with their lives." Escape came in the form of a university scholarship, but as a first-generation Latino college-goer, Alvarez struggled to fit in. At nineteen, he learned about a Native American/First Nations movement called the Peace and Dignity Journeys, epic marathons meant to renew cultural connections across a North America older than its present political borders. He dropped out of school and joined a group of Dene, Secwepemc, Gitxsan, Dakelh, Apache, Tohono O'odham, Seri, Purepecha, and Maya runners, all fleeing difficult beginnings. Telling their stories alongside his own, Alvarez writes about a four-month-long journey that pushed him to his limits. He writes not only of overcoming hunger, thirst, and fear - dangers included stone-throwing motorists and a mountain lion - but also of asserting Indigenous and working-class humanity in a capitalist society where oil extraction, deforestation, and substance abuse wreck communities. Running through mountains, deserts, and cities, and through the Mexican territory his parents left behind, Alvarez forges a new relationship with the land, and with the act of running, carrying with him the knowledge of his parents' migration, and - against all odds in a society that exploits his body and rejects his spirit - the dream of a liberated future."

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Álvarez, Noé.
Indians of North America -- Social conditions.
Long-distance runners -- North America.
Long-distance runners -- United States.
Long-distance running -- North America -- Anecdotes.
Mexican Americans -- Biography.
xviii, 218 pages ; 22 cm
Warehouse white noise
The "Palm Springs of Washington"
Ganas in Carver Country
Getting out
Walla Walla walkabouts
Cold feet
The arrival
Tree noodles
"Indian time"
La Cruz de Campos
Glacier dip
Washington gray
An X-Man
Apache medicine
Cougar country
City-slicker natives
Tlaloc in L.A.
Southern fire
Main in the maze
Running the wrong way
The devil's coffin
El chapito
Deer runners
Touch of treasure
The rebirth story
Santo coyote
Hardware store
Weaving words
The flying men of Teotihuacán
Descending eagle
Zapatistas : rebel country
Old orchard
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