Night call
—Carlson, Brenden, author.
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Elias Roche and his robot partner, Allen, investigate a crime the police can't touch and the mob didn't commit. The year is 1933. Even in a world with free energy, robot labour, and mega-corporations, nothing could stop the collapse of the American Dream. As the world-spanning Great Depression rages on, the remaining New York-based mafias clash with police for control of the broken city. Elias Roche, former police officer turned mafia enforcer, works to maintain a tenuous peace between the two parties. Accustomed to settling disputes with the business end of a gun, Roche must expand his repertoire after a violent murder is covered up by the FBI. With the mafia insisting they're innocent of the crime and the police powerless to help, Roche and his new partner Allen must root out those responsible before the situation sparks a war in the city streets."--Provided by publisher.

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