The lawless west

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Published 2016
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The three most popular Western writers in America! Jane Stacey comes out West to teach school in "From Missouri" by Zane Grey. Three cowhands working for the Spring Ranch tried to discourage her, but letters from a mysterious Frank Owens convinced her to come. When she arrives, the hands are amazed to see that she isn't the matronly schoolmarm they expected, and half the men in town are falling all over themselves over her. In Max Brand's "Over the Northern Border," Jack Trainor learns that a posse is on its way to arrest his brother-in-law for a stage robbery and decides to make himself a decoy for his sister's sake. His plan is to lead the law on a chase until he crosses into Mexico. When that plan fails, he heads north. The posse won't get him, but the Canadian wilderness might. In "Riders of the Dawn" by Louis L'Amour, we meet Matt Sabre. He's a drifter, a veteran of foreign wars, and he's seeking his fortune out West. Though he's not particularly interested in staying in Haddan's Point, when he's ordered to choose sides or get out of town his stubborn streak emerges. One look at Olga Maclaren is the deciding factor. This is the woman he'll marry, if he lives long enough.

306 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
From Missouri / Zane Grey
Over the Northern Border / Max Brand
Riders of the Dawn / Louis L'Amour.
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