Clotho the Fate

Published 2019
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"Eleven-year-old Clotho is always linked with her two big sisters. Together, they are the Three Fates, with abilities to predict events in mortals' lives. There are a few rules that the all-powerful Zeus has decreed for them, including a strict no-mingle policy with mortals. After Clotho discovers letterscrolls from unhappy mortals who don't love their fates, she wishes there was a way to try and earn their respect. During a secret trip to the Immortal Marketplace-- where there is always a chance to run into mortals, too!-- Clotho finds herself in over her head as she gets swept up in a competition to celebrate the opening of a new store in the IM. A competition where her identity as a fate could be revealed at any moment! If that weren't enough, Clotho must face an old mistake she made twelve years ago that broke one of Zeus's other rules: Never interrupt the telling of a fate. It could mess up a mortal's whole life! Can Clotho mange to untangle the mess she has made? And figure out a way to bring the mortals and the Fates together?"-- Provided by publisher.

First Aladdin paperback edition.
262 pages ; 20 cm.
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Other Title:
Goddess girls. Book 25, Clotho the Fate
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