Why the rock falls
—Barnard, J. E., author.
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"Danger lurks in the wilderness of the Rockies. When a Hollywood director's wife dies during a local movie shoot, filming is suspended. The death also spells the end of ex-Mountie Lacey McCrae's latest temporary job. At loose ends, Lacey volunteers to help in the search for an aging oil baron and his son who have disappeared in the foothills of the Rockies. As drone operators scan the forested valleys from the air and rock-climbers rappel down narrow chasms in search of the pair, Lacey dons her Victim Services' cap to ease tensions among the missing oilman's four adult sons and three ex-wives. As the squabbles over the possible inheritance intensify, Lacey uncovers a surprising link between the missing oilman and the big-shot director. But an unexpected event sends Lacey out on a risky trek across an unstable mountainside on the trail of a murderer who is bent on killing again."--Provided by publisher.

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