Precious planet : a user's manual for curious Earthlings
—Figueras, Emmanuelle, author.
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"How amazing is the home we all share, planet Earth! It's home to millions and billions of animals and plants, but have you ever wondered how everything is connected? In Precious Planet, learn all about our home that was formed almost 4.6 billion years ago-- the earth's crust, the continents we live on, and the oceans in between--and dive into the planet's fascinating geography. One of the most important parts of living in a home that you love is taking care of it. Precious Planet shows how we can work together to take care of this magnificent place--from saving water and trees, to looking out for each other. Precious Planet uses eye-popping illustrations to explain the world's natural phenomena, while opening children's eyes to the importance of sustainability and conservation in a fun and engaging way."--Amazon.

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Earth (Planet) -- Effect of human beings on -- Juvenile literature.
Human beings -- Effect of environment on -- Juvenile literature.
Natural resources -- Juvenile literature.
Nature -- Effect of human beings on -- Juvenile literature.
Other Authors:
St. John, Kevin (Translator), translator.
Tavernier, Sarah, illustrator.
Verhille, Alexandre, illustrator.
translation of: Tavernier, Sarah. Terramania. English.
45 pages : colour illustrations ; 38 cm
Includes index.
Previously published in French as Terramania.
Translated from the French.
Building the house : the creation of Earth
The basement : the center of the Earth
The first floor : the Earth's crust and tectonic plates
The flooring : the soil
The workshop : mineral resources
The upper floors and the roof : terrain
Running water : fresh water on Earth
The bathroom : the seas and oceans
Heating and lighting : the Sun and the weather
The living rooms : the continents
The kitchen : food resources
The utility room : garbage and medication
The closet : the textile industry
The sunroom : natural habitats and vegetation
The roommates : humans
The roommates : animals
Vacation homes : life on another planet?
The neighbors : explanets and extraterrestrial life.
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