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"Spring is a deeply moving, lyrical, and inspiring memoir about family, our everyday lives, our joys and struggles, set over the course of a single day. 'Today is Wednesday the thirteenth of April 2016, it is twelve minutes to eleven, and I have just finished writing this book for you. What happened that summer nearly three years ago, and its repercussions, are long since over. Sometimes it hurts to live, but there is always something to live for.' In Spring, third volume of the Seasons quartet, we follow Karl Ove and his three-month-old daughter, Anna, over the course of one day in April, from sunrise to sunset: a day filled with routine, the beginnings of life and its light, but also its deep struggles and its darkness. In Spring, one of the world's most beguiling literary artists celebrates the greatness of the everyday -- the beautiful and the painful -- and the big things that hide behind the smallest events in all our lives. Whereas the first two books in Knausgaard's sublime Seasons series are comprised of short texts -- sightings of things and places, associations and reflections related to nature and the material world -- Spring is a narrative memoir that reads like a short novel. Emotionally captivating, it is the most accessible of all his books for new Karl Ove readers keen to enter into his writing, while also deeply moving for his devoted readers. This beautiful edition is illustrated by the acclaimed Swedish artist Anna Bjerger"-- Provided by publisher.

182 pages : colour illustrations ; 22 cm
Publisher, pagination and printing dates may vary.
Translation of: Om våren.
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