Alfred Hitchcock's tales to fill you with fear and trembling

Published 1980
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Publisher, Date:
New York : Dial Press, 1980.
350 p.
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Tales to fill you with fear and trembling
Tales to fill you with fear and trembling.
After the unfortunate accident
All the needless killing
And seven makes death
Art for money's sake
The dead past
Deadly shade of blue
Death is a lonely lover
Child's play
Doctor Apollo
Fair grounds for murder
Ring with the velvet ropes
Pattern of guilt
Grateful thief
Real, live murderer
Light fingers
Where the finger points
Give me ten days
Television country
Sound investment
Lady with a hobby
Witness was a lady
Scheme for destruction
Just a little impractical joke
To the manner born
Sadie when she died
"Seventh anthology in the new series of Alfred Hitchcock anthologies."
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