Dragon Ball : 3 in 1. 4

Graphic Novel
Published 2008
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The next Tenka'ichi Budokai martial art tournament is just around the corner, and an eager Son Goku can't wait to face even tougher fighters for the Strongest Under the Heavens title! Among the contestants include pipsqueak Chaozu and three-eyed Tenshinhan, deadly disciples of Tsuru-Sen'nin, the Crane Hermit! As it turns out, Tsuru-Sen'nin is an old rival of Goku's teacher Kame-sen'nin (also known as the Turtle hemit). What's worse, Tsuru-Sen'nin orders Chaozu and Tenshinhan to kill the Kame Sen'nin disciples! Will crane-style kung fu beat out turtle style? As these two martial arts schools duke it out in the tournament ring, things just might turn fatal!

Shonen Jump manga omnibus edition.
535 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 19 cm
Other Title:
DragonBall : 3 in 1. 4
Reads from right to left.
"3 in 1" -- cover.
Contains volumes 10, 11 and 12 of the complete original Dragon Ball series, uncut and uncensored.
Translated from the Japanese.
Volume 10. 22nd Tenka'ichi Budokai
Volume 11. Eyes of Tenshinhan-- Volume 12. Demon king Piccolo.
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