What makes great leaders great : management lessons from icons who changed the world

Published 2012
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It doesn't matter what your field of expertise is, whom you know, or how educated you are. If you have powerful management skills, you will succeed; if you don't, you'll hit the ceiling sooner rather than later. In What Makes Great Leaders Great, bestselling author and leadership expert Frank Arnold gathers 56 icons from various fields--from business and sports to politics and pop culture--to reveal the specific management skills they used to reach the top. For every line of work or personal goal, effectively applying these management skills will lead to ultimate success. All the people in this remarkably diverse group figured out what they needed to know to manage their rise to the top--and executed it with superb skill ... -- Book Description.

1st ed.
xxii, 297 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Translation of: Management: von den Besten lernen.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 275-286) and index.
part 1, Managing organizations:
Harness the power of a business mission : learning from Bill Gates
Create customer value : learning from Lou Gerstner
Make effective decisions : learning from Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.
Recognize the true nature of the problem : learning from M.C. Escher
Make the right compromise : learning from King Solomon
Just do it! Keep fine-tuning the right strategy : learning from Phil Knight
Structure your organization around the customer: learning from Michael Dell
Be productive : learning from Frederick Winslow Taylor
Demand effective management : learning from Warren Buffett
Understand profit, strive for independence : learning from Coco Chanel
Harness information : learning from Paul Julius Reuter
Understand your sphere of action : learning from James Wilson
Recognize inflection points and utilize performance indicators : learning from Andy Grove
Secure feedback : learning from James Watt.
part II, Managing innovation:
Implement ideas : learning from Steve Jobs
Remember, innovations are rarely welcomed with open arms : learning from Gustave Eiffel
Question every assumption : learning from Nicolaus Copernicus
Innovate systematically : learning from Thomas Edison
Exploit success : learning from Dietrich Mateschitz
Practice purposeful abandonment : learning from Herbert von Karajan
Practice creative destruction : learning from Joseph Schumpeter
Combine existing know-how with other knowledge to create something new : learning from Ettore Bugatti
Exploit opportunities arising from new technologies : learning from Larry Page
Recognize the future that has already happened : learning from Ray Kroc.
part III, Managing people:
Focus on a single objective : learning from Michelangelo
Create a perfect whole : learning from Simon Rattle
Be results driven : learning from Michael Schumacher
Draw on your strengths : learning from Albert Einstein
Manage by objectives : learning from Gustav Mahler
Plan meticulously : learning from Napoleon Bonaparte
Be true to your own values : learning from Winston Churchill
Surround yourself with good people : learning from Jack Welch
Create a culture of effectiveness : learning from Herb Kelleher
Nurture and develop people : learning from David Packard
Invest in training : learning from Alexander von Humboldt
Seek wise dialogue partners : learning from Camille Pissarro and Paul Cézanne
Clearly define jobs and assignments : learning from General George Patton
Establish effective cooperation : learning from Joe Biden
Recognize the most important promotion : learning from Barack Obama
Embody integrity : learning from General George Marshall
Harness the potential of women : learning from Hillary Clinton
Make clever use of your time : learning from Stephen Hawking
Perfect your own working methods : learning from Benjamin Franklin
Create trust : learning from Levi Strauss
Make a life plan : what will your most important contribution be? Learning from Peter F. Drucker
Be demanding of yourself and strive for perfection : learning from Giuseppe Verdi
Find meaning, then use it! Learning from Viktor Frankl
Harness the power of discipline : learning from Thomas Mann
Motivate yourself : learning from Roger Federer
Derive enjoyment from your profession : learning from Leonard Bernstein
Think constructively : learning from Niki Lauda
Act responsibly : learning from Hippocrates
Foster creativity all life long : learning from Pablo Picasso
Assume responsibility : learning from Harry Truman
Look after yourself : learning from Jamie Oliver
Commit yourself to more than just your own well-being : learning from Muhammad Yunus.
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